Pfuff, what a month!

Feeling like a bee in a field of daisies

Well, I have nothing to show for it (nothing as in new work) but I have been very busy, very very busy. After completing my metalsmith training, it was obvious to me that it was the new path I was yearning for. It was also obvious to me that I needed tools, more tools. The… Read More »

Where April was gone

Our new little house on wheels

I usually talk about jewelry, making jewelry and what’s going on in my studio. But April was an important month in my life and somehow in the life of my studio: we went to pick up our new little trailer in Texas. This little trailer (called a Casita) is going to allow me to travel… Read More »

The one with upside down Abe

First bangle

I wanted my first piece to be a bangle bracelet. I just love bracelets. I love to wear them, to mix and match them, to stack them. I love to hear them bling (but not bling-bling). I especially love bangles for the way they feel and move around my wrist. Forming the bangle I took… Read More »

Without challenge there is no growth

Fortune cookies always speak the truth!

I have not been too active on this blog lately, although I have accomplished – or at least initiated – lots of things. When reading further, you may think that I am having some knee jerk reaction to things that don’t make me too happy… maybe… but I thought long and hard at my situation… Read More »

Morning me time

Morning me time

I like to wake up early. Or I’d rather say that my body likes to wake up early. I do not use any alarm clock, it gives me anxiety and then I can’t sleep, so what’s the interest? As soon as I get up, I make myself a cup of coffee, sit somewhere comfortable and… Read More »

When the door does not open

This is the door of the Tumacacori mission in Tubac, AZ. Not my door, indeed

The last week of 2014 has been dedicated to putting back my studio together. First, what I call my studio is a spare room in my house. Nothing fancy, but it’s a place for me to work and I feel so grateful to have it. It’s really comfortable compared to the furnace/freezer combo also called… Read More »

Copper toxicity and copper jewelry

Copper Queen mine in Bisbee, AZ (Lavender pit)

Hey, Guys! Today I’d like to talk about copper toxicity. Maybe you remember that in one of my earlier posts about copper jewelry, I indicated that some people wear copper jewelry to help with aliments like arthritis and that although it has not been scientifically proven, if it does not help you it does not… Read More »

Meaning of the rainbow colors

Happy loops rainbow bracelet. Invincible Art.

The colors of the rainbow make me smile and I love using them in my work. I am aware that the rainbow carries many symbolism, from deep spiritual meaning to gay pride, but for me these colors have a special and personal meaning and I am going to tell you the story. I have very… Read More »

Making jump rings

Making rings. Invincible Art.

I ran out of rings. Good opportunity to snap few shots to show how I make them. I buy spools of metal wire. Different gauges correspond to different sizes of wire. The bigger gauge numbers are for thinner wire while smaller gauge numbers are for thicker wire. I know it’s weird… but I did not… Read More »

Dios de los muertos sterling bracelet

Dios de los muertos sterling bracelet

Usually, my designs are more colorful. But my vision for this bracelet was for it to be an all-sterling one. Don’t ask. I cannot explain. This is just how I see it… I think skulls are cool. In fact, have you noticed that skulls are becoming an important part of fashion? Skulls symbolize many things… Read More »