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Welcome to Invincible Art

Hi! I am Patricia Christine. I am passionate about designing and making colorful jewelry. Not trying to sound pretentious but my intent is to bring more beauty in the world and more joy in people's lives. [Read more...]

Things I am currently doing…

- Preparing to sell my house & looking for a new one
- Ending a 3 months hiatus by giving the site a fresh look
- Getting ready to fill up the shelves of my Etsy shop

Recently from the blog…

Change is in the air

Change is in the air…

In my last post, I hinted that I was going to leave Phoenix for a better place -no, not walking into the light :) This has been 3 months in the making. This was quite a while that we were not happy in Phoenix anymore and the idea of moving someday … [Read More...]

Blogging from my cage

From behind the plastic…

Maybe you have been wondering where I was gone. Or maybe not. And that’s OK ;) I have spend these last 3 months in intense decluttering mode to prepare my house for sale... sorting all the stuff we have accumulated during the last 15 years and … [Read More...]

Rainbow dichroic bracelet by Invincible Art jewelry

Meaning of the rainbow colors…

The colors of the rainbow make me smile and I love using them in my work.  I am aware that the rainbow carries many symbolism, from deep spiritual meaning to gay pride, but for me these colors have a special and personal meaning and I am going to … [Read More...]

Invincible Art Happy loops copper bracelet

Copper jewelry, green skin and…

Copper is a beautiful natural material that is also affordable. I personally love it and think it looks great just by itself or combined with turquoises. Unfortunately some of my galleries would not touch copper jewelry with a 10 feet pole. Why? … [Read More...]

Sterling silver filled wire

Introducing silver-filled wire…

Today, I’d like to talk to you about silver-filled. Silver-filled is a rather new material created to react to the rising price of silver. As its name indicates it, it is similar to gold-filled but made with silver. Silver-filled wire is made of … [Read More...]

History of chainmaille

History of chain mail…

I searched for the origin and history of chain mail and what I found out is that no one knows for sure. Must go back to a very long time.... Its origin is definitely European -of that, I am sure- and since I loved visiting museums when I was … [Read More...]